Gardiner & Larson Homes


The award-winning design-build team of Gardiner & Larson has been designing and building new homes, additions and renovations since 1995. Although most known for their outstanding work on large residential estates, their projects also include smaller homes and townhouses, as well as pool houses, barns and vacation homes. Each Gardiner and Larson design draws inspiration from all forms of architecture, both traditional and modern. Through careful attention to classical proportion, pleasing human scale and tasteful detail, they design and build high-quality homes with timeless appeal that will never look outdated. They believe that all homes should be warm, welcoming, and full of light.



49 Midwood Road, Greenwich

17 Windabout Drive, Greenwich

465 Round Hill Road, Greenwich




Sales Office
2 Sound View Dr
Greenwich, CT 06830
Office: 203.667.3887